Paediatrics Department- Parco Healthcare Doha Qatar


We deliver high quality comprehensive clinical care that is responsive to the changing needs of our multi-cultural communities. Featuring comprehensive treatment options and a family-friendly environment, our team of dedicated experts works closely with the patients and their families to meet their specific needs.

  • Newborn Check Up

  • Preventive Check-Ups for children according to the German standard.(Vorsorgeuntersuchung U1 – J1)

  • Vaccinations

  • Assessment and Management of Growth and Stature

  • Recognition and Management of Acute Illnesses.(e.g. Recurrent fevers, diarrhea, ear infection, bronchiolitis, cough, urinary tract infection)

  • Recognition and Management of Chronic Illnesses.(e.g. asthma, snoring, chronic cough, constipation, food intolerance and eczema)

  • Recognition and Management of Behavioral Issues.(Including toilet training problems and feeding related issues)

  • Adolescent Health

  • Travel Medicines

  • Developmental Assessment

  • Breastfeeding Consultation

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